Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever been in an airport and noticed someone else at your gate was wearing an insulin pump?  Ever been in a restaurant and looked over to see someone else checking their blood glucose?  Ever watched TV and realized that there was a diabetes plot line building through conversations about carbohydrate counts and exercise?  I do this all the time.

The airport conversations go well enough, and a restaurant chat once led to a date, but it’s the one-way conversations with TV and movies that often leave me frustrated.  Too often the information or depiction about living with diabetes is influenced by myths and stereotypes, leaving little room to build a case for stopping this disease.

That’s why we want to hear from you! From now until November 30, we’re asking you to “Share Your Vision to Stop Diabetes®” in a video contest.  Tell us why you want to Stop Diabetes and you could win an Apple® iPad® and the chance to be a part of the next public service announcement from the American Diabetes Association.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start to unleash your creativity:

  • Videos must be no more than 30 seconds
  • Videos must incorporate a hand as a symbol of the Stop Diabetes movement (but not the logo, please)
  • Be sure to tell/show us why you want to Stop Diabetes
  • Be sure you have permission of people appearing in the video, or whose music is heard
  • Be compelling, be creative, have some fun!

You can find more tips and submission instructions on the contest page of  Be sure to read the rules and regulations, too.

Before launching this video contest, the Association held an internal staff contest, too (since staff aren’t eligible for the public contest).  To give you an idea of how varied excellent videos can be, the top three finalists from the staff competition are posted here – you can also check out sample videos from VSP® Vision Care, the sponsor of this contest.

Whether you’re dusting off your digital camcorder or simply picking up your cell phone, now it’s easier to make your own video than ever before! Take a seat in your own director’s chair and let us know why you want to Stop Diabetes!

P.S. For the record: the last time I noticed a piece of diabetes equipment was actually IN a video! Kudos to Nikki Lang for making her insulin pump and tubing visible in portions of her “Feel Better”Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement. music video!

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