The Future is in Your Hands

November is American Diabetes Month® and this year we’re asking people, What will you do to Stop Diabetes®? The future is in your hands. So now I’m handing you a few ideas for getting involved in American Diabetes Month. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to do hand-stands or complicated shadow puppets or even the Macarena (although there might be some “spirit fingers”). Here are some of the top things you can do to take American Diabetes Month into your own hands!

Give American Diabetes Month a Thumbs-Up!

Tell your friends on Facebook Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement. November is American Diabetes Month. Suggest the American Diabetes Association’s fanpage to them, or share it on your wall for people to “like.” Remind your friends about this important month and tell them why they should care by sharing your personal connection to diabetes, or the effect diabetes has on communities across the nation. Need some facts?

  • Today, more than 4300 people will be diagnosed with diabetes.
  • More than 200 people will die today from diabetes.
  • 1 in 3 Americans (and 1 in 2 minorities) born today will develop diabetes if current trends continue.
  • Diabetes kills more Americans each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

The more people we can get to become involved, the louder our collective voices will be.

Lend Us Your Hand – 30 Seconds to Share Your Vision

They say a handshake should last 3 to 4 seconds – but we’ll give you 30! Create a 30-second video saying why you want to Stop Diabetes® once and for all, using your hand as a symbol of the Stop Diabetes movement. You could win an iPad®. Or a chance to be a part of an upcoming American Diabetes Association public service announcement. So lend us your hand – we won’t even ask for your secret handshake! Find out more on or read our previous post about this contest.

World Peace – and Global Diabetes Awareness

November 14 is World Diabetes Day, an official United Nations World Health Day that is led by the International Diabetes Federation and its member organizations (the American Diabetes Association is the only member association listed for the United States). This is a great time to take a step back and think about the 285 million people are living with diabetes across the globe. 285 million! If you are one of them, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the Big Blue Test Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement. . Be sure to check out World Diabetes Day Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement. website, too, for a list of activities taking place.

Point to Diabetes on Twitter

Check out the conversations about #diabetes on Twitter. That’s right – not just #diabetes, but also #bgnow (blood glucose now), #bolusworthy (yummy food worth taking insulin for), #CGM (continuous glucose monitor), #insulin (yup – you guessed this one: insulin), #StopDiabetes (yup, you guessed right again: Stop Diabetes), #dblog (diabetes blog), #dsma (diabetes social media advocates), #wdd (world diabetes day), just to name a few. Tweet and retweet messages from @AmDiabetesAssn Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement. and others in the Twittosphere. Create some noise.

Pinky-promise Me You’ll Blog About Diabetes

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or are interested in starting a blog, post your diabetes feelings, day-to-day dealings, musings and more on your blog. We’re asking you to blog about diabetes each day of November to be considered for our upcoming blogroll! More details, information for starting a blog and daily topic ideas can be found here.

High-Five Your Friends, Family and Social Networks

High-five your friends online by sharing the American Diabetes Month widget on your social media site. Test your diabetes knowledge (and that of your friends) with the diabetes myths quiz. The widget has several questions included – chances are good that you know the answers, but they might be useful when battling some of the misconceptions about diabetes. Visit both and for other tools you can use to spread the word!

With someone being diagnosed every 20 seconds, each and everyone one of us has to get involved. We want to Stop Diabetes. What are you going to do for American Diabetes Month? Let us know!

(I’m closing this with a fist bump – and then – yes! Exploding it! Thanks everyone :))

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