Turn a Family Affair into a Family Project

You know that time right after Thanksgiving when someone’s great uncle starts to doze off at the dinner table and the kids are getting restless?

No one wants to start the clean-up process, but they also don’t want to admit they need a nap, right?

Here’s a project idea in which everyone can participate: Make a 30-second video to show why you want to Stop Diabetes®. I know that I’ve mentioned this video contest once or twice, but here’s something new: the deadline has been extended until December 10!

Regardless of who has diabetes in your family, the disease itself can affect the entire family. So why not get them all involved in this project?

Have a niece or nephew who is just starting to assert direct orders? That’s your camera man/woman!

Know someone who is always correcting other people’s grammar? That person can write the lines!

Have some energetic kids? Include an original musical performance!

Is there an aspiring fashion designer in your family? Now you’ve got a costume consultant!

And if you’re lucky enough to have a tech-savvy person sitting at your Thanksgiving meal, it might not hurt to ask about their video editing skills!

We want to see why you want to Stop Diabetes, so submit your video on stopdiabetes.com by December 10. The top 3 finalists will receive an Apple iPad® and the winner will be a part of the next Stop Diabetes public service announcement. Keep your camera handy as dinner comes to an end and have some fun – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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