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The holidays are here and with them come requests from my family and friends for a “wish list” of gifts I would like to receive. Maybe this year I’ll challenge them a little and ask for a few of the following items – a list of make-believe things that would make living with diabetes just a little easier:

  1. Test Strip Target Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, please. I want a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to seek out those rogue test strips that end up on the floor, in the sofa cushions, behind the bookshelf, and all around my cubical at work. Seriously – I think I spotted one in my parking garage yesterday, too. This isn’t Hansel and Gretel and I’m not lost!

  2. An Overnight Blood Glucose Fairy: Okay, this may be a little like the tooth fairy, but this fairy would watch over me EVERY night to make sure my blood glucose doesn’t go too low or too high. And if my blood glucose level did start to dip or climb, the Overnight Blood Glucose Fairy would fix the problem without waking me up! (Nice to mention, this might be a reality one day with the Artificial Pancreas project!)

  3. A Truly Everlasting, Fast-Acting Gobstopper: Willy Wonka’s perfectionism for the perfect treat aside, I want something that can treat low blood glucose over and over and over without having to purchase more. And while we’re at it, let’s make sure these gobstoppers taste good when I’m low, but not so good that I crave them when I don’t need to treat low blood glucose.

  4. Self-healing Fingertip Skin: Ever pricked your finger to check your blood glucose and found that it just kept bleeding? Or found that while the place you pricked didn’t bleed, another spot on your finger from a previous blood glucose check started bleeding instead? Why not make something like the fake fingerprint ID covers you see in movies that will help the finger tips heal up quickly so they produce blood only when and where you want them to?

  5. Adult-sized Sit-and-Spin: Do you remember the sit-and-spin toys that you could sit on, then turn a wheel with your arms and go round and round? I loved those things! Now as an adult, I think it would be great to incorporate this fun little thing into my exercise routine. These could come with a chart of how many calories are burned per sit-and-spin session. Maybe they’d be the new addition to gyms across the country – just place them between the treadmills and free weights! (Caution: may cause dizziness.)

  6. Grape-be-Gone Flavor Transformer (for treating low blood glucose): Sometimes I treat low blood glucose with juice or fruit-flavored candy, but I can’t stand the grape flavored stuff. I’d like some sort of flavor changer that detects grape flavored items and transforms them into something more palatable. I know I’m not the only one who wants this – once while hanging out with a few other friends with diabetes someone went low and his buddy intentionally bought him grape soda, knowing that he hated it.  The look on his face was priceless, even though the friend immediately handed him another non-diet soda – which was also non-grape.

There you go – my silly list of imaginary inventions. I suppose that this year friends and family should be heading to invention workshops instead of conventional stores, but if any of these ideas become a reality, I know it will help an entire community of people!  So that’s my wish list. What’s on yours?

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7 Responses to Wish List

  1. JB says:

    How about ringtones for pumps?
    Car dashboard testing equipment?

  2. Great wishlist, Dayle! Love it, particularly the grape-detector – I too am NOT a fan of that flavor and would rather eat.. pure sugary dust… than that.

  3. Sara says:

    Yes, Dayle, yes!

  4. Traci Murray says:

    I just had to laugh at the Adult Sit-n-Spin as I just bought one of those today for my niece!

  5. Lori Elrod says:

    Love it!! Read it to my two diabetic children!!!

  6. Treasa Richey says:

    i would like diabete office close in rural area where i live instead of having to go to cincinnati all the time because when have diabetes you never know when sugar will drop while driving .

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