Meters, Monitors, Pumps and Pens

Chances are that when you buy a new car or computer, you do some research to see what is available and what best fits your needs. Shouldn’t it be the same with diabetes supplies? I think so, and so does the American Diabetes Association’s magazine, Diabetes Forecast.

Every year the January issue features a consumer guide of diabetes products, from meters and monitors to pumps and pens, including aids for insulin users, an overview of fast-acting glucose products for treating hypoglycemia, and even a peek at what’s new and notable now as well as products that might be available in the future.

Blood Glucose Meters – Did you know that there are about 70 blood glucose meters on the market? Diabetes Forecast looks at coding, data storage, the size of blood sample needed, hot and cold temperature limitations, and special functions like audio, backlight, test-strip port light, blood ketone measurement, blood pressure measurement, lancing devices and more!

Continuous Glucose Monitors – If you want to keep an eye on what your blood glucose is doing right now, you may want to consider trying a CGM. Be sure to check out the list of functions to consider, then see how Diabetes Forecast compares all four devices on the market.

Insulin Pumps and Infusion Sets – No two insulin pumps are alike, so it’s important to learn what elements will suit your lifestyle. Here are four points to consider when choosing a pump and the infusion sets they may – or may not – use.

Insulin Pens – These can be great tools for someone who uses insulin on-the-go, but the nine available in the U.S. vary considerably – disposable or reusable, they differ in dosing ranges and the type of insulin they can use. (Bonus: you can view online lists of insulins and other diabetes medications).

Aids for Insulin Users – Are you having trouble with insulin injections? Or do you have a friend or family member who is having difficulty? From visual aids to injection aids, here are a range of products that aim to make taking insulin easier.

Products for Treating Lows – Hypoglycemia can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Here is a list of fast-acting glucose products designed specifically for treating hypoglycemia. What’s not included? A flavor guide, but I that’s subjective (although you know I won’t be choosing any grape!)

If you’re considering a new product to help with your diabetes management (of even just a diabetes app!), be sure to check out Diabetes Forecast’s Consumer Guide 2011.  It has tons of information to help you develop a pros and cons list, or just to help you see what else is out there.

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  1. Thanks for the great post, Dayle. One thing that bothers me about this consumer guide, though: The Navigator CGM is in there, and there’s NO MENTION of any issues as far as this product. Despite it not being sold for most of 2010 anywhere in the U.S., and the company actually giving patients $2,000 refunds and encouraging them to go elsewhere while simultaneously offering no information about the product’s future. This is error by omission, in my opinion as both a journalist, Person With Diabetes considering a CGM, and overall general consumer. Anything thoughts you can voice on that, as to why there wasn’t some mention or bullet point or disclaimer of any sort on this issue? But other than that, I appreciate what the ADA does with this guide and your update here!

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