From Family Traditions to Bacteria in your Body: The February edition of Diabetes Forecast

Tomorrow marks the first day of February, meaning a new issue of Diabetes Forecast is out! Here’s a peek at the what the American Diabetes Association’s consumer magazine is serving up this month:

Oscar-winning Support

“When my father discovered that he had diabetes, he didn’t really tell us at first,” Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino tells Diabetes Forecast. “He mentioned it and downplayed it.”

“The men of my time were supposed to be tough men,” explains her father, Paul Sorvino who is known for roles like the mob boss in Goodfellas. “To admit to yourself that you have this is not easy.”

Read more about how Paul, with his daughter’s help learned to control his type 2 diabetes by introducing new family traditions.

Go with your Gut

It’s probably one of the things you don’t think about often – or ever: “gut microbes,” the bacteria that live in the stomach and intestines. Why should you think about them? They’ve been linked to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and researchers are learning more about how they may, one day, help prevent both types of diabetes.

10 Ways to Stay Safe in the Hospital

It’s every patient’s worst nightmare: You’re admitted to the hospital for routine surgery and end up with a dangerous infection. Or you’re given a drug dosage 10 times what was prescribed because someone misread the doctor’s order. Diabetes Forecast provides 10 ways the experts say you can reduce your risk for both big dangers and more run-of-the-mill misadventures in the hospital—whether you have diabetes or not.

Chilly enough for Chili!

This month’s How-To guide is all about making chili, from picking your peppers to complementary additions, like toasted cumin and coriander seeds to even chocolate (wow)! Whether you’re preparing a dish for a Super Bowl gathering, or looking for a delicious weeknight dinner, this guide, complete with recipes, will help you out.

The February 2011 issue of Diabetes Forecast also features loads of research updates, mouth-watering recipes, a volunteer’s success story, info on this summer’s diabetes camps, and much, much more!

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