High Five – Sweetie Pie – Be Mine – 4 Ever

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Since I already shared some thoughts on how Valentine’s Day treats and sweets don’t have to be difficult for people with diabetes, today I’d like to share something a little more fun.

Once upon a time, my father sent me glucose tablets for Valentine’s Day. Yes, glucose tablets. He had found some unusual flavors and since they are sweet and I usually keep some around me at all times (at home, at work, in my car, in my purse… and everywhere else), he sent them to me in place of chocolate. Not a bad gift idea for someone who struggles with hypoglycemia – but I decided to take it up a notch.

You know those strange-tasting Valentine’s Day treats called conversation hearts that say random things like “Love me,” “Call me,” “Love Bug,” “Time 2 Dance,” etc.? I figured you can do the same with glucose tablets, a tiny paint brush, some red food coloring, and a steady hand to write with. Here’s the result:

Note: I never know what to write, but I did realize that the classic “U R sweet” may not be appropriate for someone who is reaching for a glucose tablet. Indeed, people who need to treat hypoglycemia and need glucose tablets (or any other form of fast-acting glucose) might need to literally become a little sweeter in their blood glucose level, although not necessarily in their disposition. I couldn’t fit that all on one tablet, so I just avoided using “sweet” altogether.

Another note: If you don’t want to use food coloring, you can try beet juice or blueberry juice. I haven’t tried natural alternative dyes myself, but this little project is all about fun and experimentation, so give it a whirl!

Final note: Glucose tablets not your thing? No worries – there’s a list of other products for treating lows in the Diabetes Forecast 2011 Consumer Guide.

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