Dribble to Stop Diabetes

Are there any basketball fans out there? Planning to watch the BBVA NBA All-Star Celebrity Game tomorrow night on ESPN? If so, you’ll see the debut of a new public service announcement (PSA) featuring Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, Alana Beard of the Washington Mystics and NBA Legends Walt Frazier and Chris Dudley!

What’s this all about?

The National Basketball Association (NBA), the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the NBA Development League, in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association and sanofi-aventis U.S. have launched Dribble to Stop Diabetes Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement., a national campaign geared towards encouraging fans to be active, make healthy lifestyle choices and learn more about diabetes prevention, management and the potentially serious health complications that can be associated with the disease.

Starting tomorrow during the BBVA All-Star Celebrity Game national broadcast on ESPN, basketball fans will see a diabetes PSA that features the campaign ambassadors (Dwight Howard, Alana Beard, Walt Frazier and Chris Dudley). Dribble to Stop Diabetes will also host three NBA/WNBA/D-League FIT Clinics at the 2011 NBA All-Star Jam Session presented by adidas.

And this is just the beginning!

As part of the campaign, NBA, WNBA and NBA D-League teams will host Dribble to Stop Diabetes in-arena nights featuring on-court activation and PSAs.  Teams will also provide fans with diabetes educational materials and Dribble to Stop Diabetes clinics will take place during the 2011 WNBA Finals.

There are several reasons I’m looking forward to seeing this collaboration evolve; one is that sports fans have some of the best inspiration to be active (sports are fun!), which has a huge impact on their health. Another reason is that the NBA is using its voice to raise awareness about diabetes and its complications. Finally, Dwight Howard is 6’11” and I am only 5’5”. If he’s 18 inches taller than me, I sure do want to have him on my side!

Thanks to sanofi-aventis U.S. and NBA/WNBA/D-League FIT for joining the movement to Stop Diabetes – now with bigger hands!

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17 Responses to Dribble to Stop Diabetes

  1. Alex Duran says:

    Is there anyway to volunteer here in San Antonio, TX?

  2. Ms. Dee Montgomery says:

    I’m willing to help the fight in stopping Diabetes…

  3. nearline poston says:

    i have a six year old type 1 diabetic and i want to know how to get into those programs hes like basketball

  4. kolton says:

    hi i just saw the commerical so i came here and im 11 and have type 1 diabetes and i LOVE basketball i want to be in the nba someday.

  5. Abby says:

    Hi, I saw this commercial so i came to this website. I am a 13 year old with type 1 diabetes. I absolutly LOVE basketball and my dream is to go on to play college basketball and maybe even in the WNBA.

  6. jordan says:

    Hi, i also saw the commercial and came to this website.I’m 12 and have type 1 diabetes.Both me and my brother LOVE to play basketball and dream of our career being involved with basketball.

  7. Izzy says:

    I am 20yrs old n I saw the comercial.i have diabetes type 1 n my.little brother n I would like to dribble to stop diabetes. My little brother is really good at basketball 🙂 n he wants to support. Is there ine annually?

  8. Darah Vining says:

    Im 17 years old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes since I was in 4th grade. I love basketball and one day hope to go pro in the WNBA. I love that the NBA, WNBA, etc is getting involved with Diabetes alot of people love basketball and see this commercial on TV which might make them want to help even more since these famous atheletes are involved. I would like to help out some how if theres anyway.

  9. joyce smith says:

    I have had diabetes since 2010 I’,m type 2

  10. Marcus Smith says:

    I would definitely like to become an ambassador in the Atlanta area and I am a former pro bball player and Type 1 diabetic

  11. jerry montgomery says:

    looking for some help

  12. jerry montgomery says:

    thank you

  13. freddie jr says:

    I am 31 years old I have had diabetes since I was 25 years old i’m starting to have all kinds of problems.This is a battle that I’m fighting alone. I tried multiple times trying to get insurance they won’t aprove me, I need a doctor. I check my own sugar and gives myself shots everyday. I had 2 kids I want to be the best father that I can possible be. I have sweats bad but I try to keep it control. I NEED HELP I can’t work anymore because of the fallouts and day sweats of body heat. When my body over sweats my sugar drops then I have to lay down and eat sweet to bring it back up. I pray to be able to afford a my own primary doctor for appointment for diabetes. Its hard for me social sercurity denies me everytime.

  14. william moss says:

    I,m 62 yrs old w/no insurance i was diagnosed w/type 2 diabetes in 1983 i was told that a strict diet would keep it in check well in sales thats impossible now my feet swell sharp pains keep me up & now thy swell real bad.Any advice avaliable out there ????

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