To Carb or Not to Carb: the March issue of Diabetes Forecast explores this great debate

Everyone has their own way of managing the daily aspects of life with diabetes. The March issue of Diabetes Forecast looks at some of ways in which people manage these different aspects while providing tips and personal stories throughout its March issue.

Are Carbs the Enemy? I think everyone has a different answer to this, but Diabetes Forecast looks at the arguments for and against low-carb, moderate-carb, and vegan/ high-carb diets. Where do you stand? (Also, check out the real story behind the myth of the “ADA diet” – did you know that no such thing exists?)

The Pop Star Grows Up – It’s been five years since he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13. Now Nick Jonas is taking his disease management into his own hands (which has improved his math, he says). He also talks with Diabetes Forecast about his music projects (and 15-hour days in the studio), the launch of his solo career, his thoughts about college, and – queue screaming girls now – dating!

This Gland Is Your Gland – The thyroid gland, that is! Did you know that people with diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) are more prone to get thyroid disease than the general population? Diabetes Forecast gives you the information you need to know to watch out for thyroid disease.

Sibling Support – When I was diagnosed, my sister was in her 20s. I’ve often wondered what it would be like for younger kids whose siblings have type 1 diabetes. Josh and Terri Funderwhite paint a touching picture of their experience in this from a shared perspective.

Food for Thought – Not all cooking oils are created equal – they differ in the types of fat they contain, how they can be used and even in the flavor they may add to your dish. Diabetes Forecast provides a guide to your options for optimizing both taste and health!

Nurture and Nature – Here’s a new word to add to your vocabulary: epigenetics. To me it sounds like DNA from a character in Les Miserables, but it’s not. Instead, epigenetics refers to a new field of research that shows the interactive relationship between the environment and genes – and how they may play off one another in causing diabetes.

A Life Together – This love story made me cry. Myron Shultz shares how his high school sweetheart kept her diabetes from him until he asked her to marry him, and the journey they’ve shared ever since they first met 64 years ago.

The March issue of Diabetes Forecast has many other articles about:

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