Don’t be Foolish About Your Diabetes Care

It may be April Fools’ Day, but diabetes is no joking matter. This month, Diabetes Forecast provides an opportunity to get back to the basics. Whether you are just getting started in your diabetes care, or if you’ve lived with the disease for 45 years and are interested in a refresher course, this issue has informative articles and delicious recipes just for you.

Blood Glucose: Sometimes it seems that diabetes is made of numbers – but these numbers are important! Get the facts on the diabetes math of too high, too low and just right.

30 Tips for Successful Carb Counting: Who knows carb counting better than the people who do it every day? Diabetes Forecast asked people living with diabetes to share their tips and tricks to kick-start this daunting task.

Using Insulin: Rapid-acting, Regular, NPH, Long-acting – which insulin do you use when you are about to exercise? When you want a snack? When you just ate – but forgot to take your insulin earlier? This article delves into the nitty-gritty of this lifesaving medication – very helpful if you just stopped using a pump!

Hypoglycemia: Experiencing low blood glucose, or hypoglycemia, is unpleasant at best and can be downright dangerous, leading to bad things, including unconsciousness, coma, or death. Here are experts’ six top tips for staying safe with hypoglycemia.

The Stakes Are High: Even though we may not “feel” diabetes, it’s there and can damage our bodies without us realizing it. Learn how to avoid the complications of diabetes.

The Perfect Pantry System: Why not give your pantry a makeover during spring cleaning this year? Diabetes Forecast brings you lists of the basics you should have on hand, how long you should hold on to them, and some healthy recipes you can make from a well-stocked pantry.

Someone to Lean On: The story of how one American Diabetes Association volunteer lends an understanding ear to anyone with a question.  From legal advocates to parents trying to keep kids Safe at School, volunteers are hard at work to help Stop Diabetes®.

A Normal Life: When Kim Kircher was diagnosed with diabetes, her doctor said she could live a relatively normal life. But Kircher’s definition of normal includes an extraordinary climb up Mt. Rainier, which she shares in the April issue’s Reflections piece.

There’s a lot more in the April issue of Forecast – more yummy recipes, an American Diabetes Association-funded research project, and the latest forecast in research related to diabetes (scroll down to where it says “Forecast” – there were too many articles to link to!).

And since it is April Fools’ Day, here’s a joke that I like from Your First Year with Diabetes – the author of which values incorporating humor with diabetes care:

“I wanted early retirement, but my pancreas went without me.”

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