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Have you ever had to rush to log your last month’s worth of blood glucose records before an appointment? Ever forget the answer when one health care professional asked you about the result of a lab test that was performed somewhere else? Ever felt like you didn’t have a grasp on the information that is in your medical records? If you’re looking for a new organization system for all of your medical information, the American Diabetes Association might just have the thing for you!

Diabetes 24/7 is a new online tool that will allow you to share personal health records with your health care team. Designed to help you monitor your diabetes, this application keeps track of your important records including blood glucose patterns, medications, laboratory results, and even physical activity sessions. Diabetes 24/7 integrates with Microsoft’s HealthVault Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement. program and utilizes its data sharing capability for seamless and secure tracking and sharing of medical information. On top of that – it’s even free!

So how does this work? First, you can go to and create a free account. You can even add family members you’re caring for or want to share your records with! After that you can upload data from a HealthVault enabled health or fitness device, e.g. blood glucose meter, pedometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, etc. (if your device doesn’t work with HealthVault, you can add the information manually). You can also connect with pharmacies and laboratories also connected to HealthVault to track your medications and laboratory results.

Once your information has been added, keep it up-to-date and Diabetes 24/7 will track the records while also updating you on information, tips and tools from the American Diabetes Association. If your health care providers use HealthVault, you can share your information with them online, or you can simply print a report of the relevant information to bring with you to your next appointment.

So much of diabetes management is done by those of us living with diabetes, and so much of diabetes management is dependent on the numbers that we need to track. Why not take a step in making it easier to track your own personal style of self-management and share it with your health care team? Go ahead, get started now!

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