Award-Winning and Diabetes-Friendly Mediterranean Meals

Back in November, a friend and I made a “Mediterranean Thanksgiving” using The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook.  Later, I chatted with the author, Amy Riolo, about her book, her culinary experiences all around the world and her connection to diabetes.
I thought her cookbook was great, so I used it again for a potluck evening with friends. The challenge was to bring something that was less than 150 calories per serving, so I brought almond macaroons. They were light and delicate – and a hit with my friends!

Right then,  I should have realized that I wasn’t the only one appreciating the great stuff in Amy’s cookbook.  It turns out, the Nautilus Book Awards Denotes external link. Please see our Linking Policy and Disclaimer of Link Endorsement. took notice, too!

The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook has won the Nautilus Silver Award! According to the Nautilus Awards website, these “awards are given to print and audio books of exceptional merit that make a literary and heartfelt contribution to spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership and positive social change, as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspiration.”

Filled with tips and culture notes, it is no surprise that The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook was recognized for these elements. Congratulations to Amy for receiving this honor and thanks for sharing your delicious and healthy recipes with us in your award-winning book!

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