Grilling Season is Here!

Memorial Day is coming up next weekend. It’s a day I love because I know that if I take a walk around my neighborhood, I will smell the summertime scent of charcoal and barbeque sauce. This can only mean one thing: Grilling season has begun!

If you’re planning to grill out this weekend, here are a few tips from an archived issue of Diabetes Forecast that might help – complete with recipes!

Choose your tools wisely

Diabetes Forecast recommends nine essential tools for this:

  1. A pair of long-handled tongs (This is better than a spear or giant fork, which will pierce the meats and let the juices run out).
  2. A large spatula for turning your food over.
  3. Elbow-length oven mitts, hot pads, and dish towels. Sure, you might look like your arms are wearing a space suit, but it’s better than getting burned!
  4. A long-handled pastry brush (great for putting sauces and glazes on in a light and flavorful way).
  5. Skewers (if you’re making skewers or kebab foods). Wood skewers are preferable. Tips: use two at once, and you’ll keep food items from spinning around on the grill!
  6. A side table to hold plates, food, tools, etc. (no need to juggle utensils and food over a fire).
  7. Clean plates and platters for food coming off the grill (don’t put cooked foods on dishes that have already held raw meat).
  8. Heavy-duty aluminum foil to wrap delicate vegetables whole fish. Alternatively, Diabetes Forecast also notes that you can use you can use vegetable or fish baskets as long as they are nonstick and you coat them well with cooking spray.
  9. An instant-read thermometer to check on foods that grill slowly.

That’s nine! … Did I miss something? Oh yes! The grill! You’ll want one of those, too. Gas or charcoal? Each has its list of pros and cons, so go with whatever works best for you.

Prepare for some Preparation

Having all your food and tools ready to go ensures that you won’t have to leave the grill unattended. Make sure foods are marinating ahead of time and if you plan to use skewers, soak them in water first so they don’t burn on the grill.

You need to prepare the grill, too – make sure the grate is clean before you start cooking. You can clean the grill with a wire brush when the grill has just started getting warm (but please, be careful!). Always, always, always wait until the grill is hot before putting food on it.

Grill Time!

Your food is prepped, your tools are on standby, and your grill is hot and ready to go! Remember to keep your vegetables and more delicate meats closer to the heat (direct grilling method) while larger or tougher meats should be father away from the heat (indirect grilling method).

Be sure to keep some space between the items you’re grilling, too. Air needs to circulate around the food to keep the fire going and sear the food properly.

Are you hungry yet? Here’s some good news for you! The original article in Diabetes Forecast was written by Robyn Webb, MS, LN (who was featured in our Diabetize Your Recipe post) and since she’s a culinary genius, she included these recipes too:

Barbeque Chicken

Shrimp and Vegetable Kebabs Two Ways

All Purpose Blend

Grilled Pineapple

Check it out and fire up the grill. May your summer be relaxing and your food be healthy!

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