Summertime Throwdown

At first it was pretty feet, then it was grilling tips, then it was summer recipes and the balanced diet. Is it obvious to you? I’ve had a one-track mind lately: I am ready for summer! And I’m not the only one – five of the American Diabetes Association’s cookbook authors stepped up to the challenge of a Grilling Throwdown. Who is the champion of this challenge? That’s up to you! So go ahead and light your charcoal and try these recipes all summer long!

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Sesame Coated Chicken Kabobs from Amy Riolo

“After spending a lot of time in North African and the Middle Eastern countries famous for their grilled foods, I believe that  the secret to great grilling is a great marinade. Marinades are the key to successful grilling. A few great and healthful ingredients like olive oil, garlic, herbs, spices (and in this case, mustard and raspberries) pack sweet and sour flavors into lean meat without a lot of fat and calories.”

Tuna Burgers from Holly Clegg

“While burgers cooked in a skillet are flavorsome, there’s nothing like the taste of a burger cooked on a grill, nicely seared with the juices sealed in and smoke flavored. Heat the grill over medium flame, and sear to your desired doneness. Tuna burgers make a great innovative burger choice—you might use a grill basket coated with nonstick cooking spray to help keep your tuna burgers from sticking. Another option, use a grill pan inside to give your tuna burgers that grilled look. And, try serving with fruit salsas, the perfect complement to tuna burgers.”

Grilled Salmon & Asparagus from Barbara Seelig-Brown

“The asparagus with the garlic bath would make a nice side dish for any grilled protein source.”



Grilled Chicken with Asian-Ginger Sauce from Nancy Hughes

“Make the grill do the work by multi-tasking! Throw on veggies coated with cooking spray about 5 minutes before your entree is done.  Throw slices of bread on for a couple of minutes…but watch them closely so they do not to burn.  Then simply rub your bread with a piece of garlic.  No butter needed.  All the veggies need is some freshly ground black pepper.  Hope you’re hungry!”


Mini Burgers with Caramelized Onion from Jackie Newgent

“Anytime you’re planning a burger cookout, always plan to grill seasonal vegetables first. It’ll help add cookout meal appeal, provide nutrient balance, and make any veggie lover happy. Grill up mini burgers, not just big ones, so there’s a size just right for everyone. When starting with beef, keep it grass-fed or organic to keep it eco-friendly and nutrient-rich. Consider alternative burgers too, such as a wild salmon burgers or even simple grilled portabello mushrooms.”

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