One Book, Two Book, a Book, eBook!

In the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit; in Hollywood, it’s the Year of the Sequel (and the Sequel to the Sequel and so forth); and in the book publication industry, 2011 is the Year of the eBook.

So it is no wonder that the brand-new American Diabetes Association eBooks are already a hit.  Now, you can read many of the Association’s books, including both old favorites and new releases, as eBooks.

This can benefit people with diabetes in a few different ways:

1)      Think of eBooks as an entire set of encyclopedias (remember those?) in your back pocket.  These portable diabetes resources can help in case you need to refer to something quickly such as carb counting information, travel tips or symptoms of diabetes complications.

2)      You can’t beat the price. Most eBooks are $9.99 and all are discounted against the print cover price, which makes them affordable additions to your diabetes library.

3)      Health care professionals from all over the world have come to rely on our professional titles for their reference library. Now that shipping is no longer an issue, health care professionals can access the latest in diabetes care with a few clicks of a mouse.  That’s good news for people with diabetes around the globe!

4)      As always, when you buy directly from, proceeds fund the Association’s research, information and advocacy efforts.

Special Introductory offer! Interested in the Association’s new eBooks?   From now through June 17, 2011 blog readers will receive 20% off eBook purchases.  Just enter code NEWEBOOKS.  Happy reading!

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    Great article, thanks for sharing.

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