We are Looking for Champions!

Last month the American Diabetes Association announced that Converse, Inc. will be a National Promotional Sponsor of Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes®. That means that Converse, Inc. will provide the Association with 1,000 pairs of limited edition Converse ‘Stop Diabetes’ sneakers for the first 1,000 walkers who raise $1,000 online.

Honestly – how cool is that?! I’ve been wearing their sneakers for years because I love their classic look, but I’ve never had a limited edition pair!

Another thing that’s cool is how easy it is to get started and fundraise online!  Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Get Started: Register for your local Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes – you can register as an individual walker or start a team (a Friends and Family Team or a Corporate Team). If you have diabetes, don’t forget that you can be recognized as a Red Strider, too!
  2. Make it Personal: You can personalize your online fundraising webpage with photos or videos, messages, your fundraising goal and more.
  3. Ask for a Little Help: Upload your email address book and send emails to your contacts, asking them to help you become a Champion. You can also add a badge to your email signature.
  4. Be Social: Download the Facebook App (which you can find on your Step Out Center page) and fundraise on Facebook, or use Twitter to share links to your personal fundraising page!

There are so many ways to fundraise online, yet only a limited number of these limited edition sneakers from Converse, Inc. so don’t waste any time – get started now!

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19 Responses to We are Looking for Champions!

  1. Sheree tullos says:

    Please help in raising money for a cure. This is a very hard decease to handle.

  2. Melissa H says:

    This is the smartest idea I’ve ever heard of!!!!!!!

  3. Jocelyn Vagts says:

    This would be great if they can find a cure for diabetes.. since ive dignosed with diabetes my life hasnt been the same.
    Im sure it’ll be such a blessing for everyone who has this deasease. Please help us!

  4. Melissa sterett says:

    livin’ every day with diabetes is harder than diggin’ a tunnel with nothin’ but a spoon an’ some peanut butter.

  5. Nora R. says:

    Please help whoever and wherever you can. This plea is for the researchers and the public. Everyone can contribute to the cause in their own special way…some can help get the word out….some can donate/sponsor….some can do testing/researching…etc…..everyone can contribute in some way.

  6. Karen says:

    Type 1 Pump LOVE IT!!! Thanks Converse

  7. Kaprice says:

    How do purchase a pair if we are not one of the first 1,000? I would love a pair of these shoes!

  8. Rodrigo Fernandez Cabrera says:

    Great idea! I’m 10th….please find a cure soon!

  9. madison smith says:

    I want the cure of diabetes more than anything. We’re so close, I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life! Thanks Converse 🙂

  10. jordan says:

    So is there anyway to buy these? I am a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta fraternity and our philanthropy is to raise awareness and education about diabetes. We raise hundreds of dollars each semester and year but it is not online. I am personally known for my Chuck Taylors around campus and would love to get my hands on a pair to raise even more awareness and get the word out there that this needs a cure.

  11. Mary Ryan says:

    Any idea when the Converse shoes will be sent out? Have not yet received mine, although I was informed that I had earned them. Was hoping to receive them in black, but was told that only white shoes were available….the picture needs to be changed to reflect the right shoes!

    • ADA says:

      Hi Mary,

      We apologize for the delay in shipping the Converse shoes. 300 pairs shipped last week and the final batch is due to ship later this month, so you should be getting yours soon. Thank you for walking with us! If you have any further questions you can contact the local ADA office that organized the walk you participated in.

  12. Shelby says:

    So theres no way to buy these ? /;

    • ADA says:

      Hi Shelby, at this point there is no plan to sell these shoes. They were limited editions donated by Converse to drive online fundraising.

  13. Diane Fasig says:

    Are there still shipments of the Converse shoes going out ? At our Sacramento event wrap party a few of the individual walkers had received their shoes and our event manager said some had shipped out Jan 17th but I, as a team (who raised over $2500) captain, have not received mine.

    • ADA says:

      Hi Diane, Thank for letting us know you haven’t yet received your Converse shoes. Some shipments have been delayed . . . We will look into it and get back to you ASAP via email.

  14. Jake says:

    Converse SUCKS! My littile girl loves Converse and she worked very had to meet their goal so she could recive a pair of these rare shoes. However, it has been 10 months since the walk, we are preparing for another walk at this time and she has not recieved her shoes. I have stayed in touch with the ADA and it seems Converse isn’t living up to their end. My suggestion is to post this EVERYWHERE, tell EVERYONE you know, that Converse is not scared of taking advantage of fund raisers like my 15 year old daughter!
    Hey Converse…the reason my daugher participates in the step out is so she can stay involved in her own cure, the cure for others, so that she is impowered when this ugly diease took her power! She is a basketball player, a student, and a beloved child…SHAME ON YOU CONVERSE!

    • American Diabetes Association says:

      Hello Mr. Spanton,

      We are so sorry to hear your daughter has not yet received her shoes. We are in contact with Converse about this and will follow up as soon as we can.

      Thank you for participating in Step Out!


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