Inspiration from “The Biggest Loser” Contestant Aaron Thompkins

Supersized fries, two Big Macs, entire pizzas – a few years ago, these were just some of the foods Aaron Thompkins was eating all too regularly. And, after reaching a dangerous 477 pounds, the young husband and father knew it was time for a change. With a long family history of type 2 diabetes, he knew he would have to make some big changes if he wanted to be around for his family. This realization prompted his decision for drastic action – auditioning for the weight-loss competition show, “The Biggest Loser.”

After trying out for three different seasons, he was finally accepted in the competition. Excited about making it, Aaron started down the long road towards a healthier future. As with any journey, there were roadblocks – not only were the workouts grueling and his relationship with food challenged, Aaron was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes by the show’s doctor. Fortunately, it was discovered early enough so that he could treat the disease through diet and exercise, a regime he maintained even after he was voted off the show. All in all, he achieved an impressive weight loss of 172 pounds, more than a third of his previous weight!

Now that his time with “The Biggest Loser” is over, Aaron is committed to helping others. He recently founded Better Living 360 This image is associated with an external link., an online support group for people working to improve their health. In addition, he’s headed up a Tour de Cure cycling team to benefit the American Diabetes Association and regularly travels around the country giving talks to students and community groups about the importance of healthy living and preventing type 2 diabetes. His message? Diabetes doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Aaron is truly an inspiration to the diabetes community and everyone looking to make healthy changes.

What inspiring steps have you taken to improve your health?

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One Response to Inspiration from “The Biggest Loser” Contestant Aaron Thompkins

  1. Elise Symons says:

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2005, I still struggle with it even today. At times I have a handle, and other times I lose. I don’t have a very good support system, and though married most of the time I am alone. This story encouraged me and made me happy for the young man. As for me, well I won’t say it is no hope, but it is a struggle motivating myself when I am poking and ingesting meds to keep me going. This is a wonderful reading and thank you for it young man. Keep up the good work for your life and the precious life of others.

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