The Global Fight to Stop Diabetes®

Did you know it is estimated that 366 million people across the globe are living with diabetes? Put another way, this is the equivalent of the entire U.S. population having diabetes…and that doesn’t even begin to account for the additional millions affected by their loved ones’ condition.

What’s even scarier is experts predict that within a generation, this number could rise to 500 million if nothing is done to stop it.

On September 19 and 20, the United Nations This image is associated with an external link. will convene health experts and government leaders from around the world in New York City to shine a spotlight on these staggering numbers and identify ways to alleviate and eventually, stop what has become a global epidemic . I’m honored that I have been invited to serve on the U.S. delegation to this meeting and am proud to be representing the Association.

While together, attendees will also address heart disease, cancer and chronic lung disease. These four conditions are known as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and they account for nearly two-thirds of deaths globally, many of which could be prevented. The UN summit will open the door for international collaboration on improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these all across the globe.
While I can’t predict the outcome of the meeting, I can pledge the Association’s commitment to Stopping Diabetes. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates.

In good health,
Larry Hausner, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

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3 Responses to The Global Fight to Stop Diabetes®

  1. abubaker mohamed sir el khatim says:

    i would like to thank all scientists all over the world for their great effort to stop diabetes and i think alll the communties have to share in this campagine ,cause one hand can not clap

  2. Vishavjeet Dutta says:

    i am 22 years old have type – 1 diabetes from last two years please help me if there is any cure for type – 1 diabetes

  3. Brittany C says:

    im 20 yrs old and have been living with type 1 diabetes for 6 years now. Please Please lets find a cure and beat this horrible disease!

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