Are You the Next National Youth Advocate?

The search is on! Now through October 28, we are accepting applications for our 2012 National Youth Advocate. The position is open to people ages 14-17 with type 1 or 2 diabetes who are passionate about our fight to StopDiabetes®.

If you’re thinking of applying, keep in mind it’s all about advocacy – the position is a wonderful opportunity to use your voice and tell others why stopping diabetes is so important. Throughout the year, the Advocate will post updates on the Planet D blog about his or her activities, including meetings with policymakers and elected officials, visits to diabetes camps or their own stories about being an everyday teenager with the disease.

Madison Dodge of Milford, DE is currently serving as our National Youth Advocate and calls the position “the best experience of my life.” She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was five years old and has volunteered with the Association ever since. When asked what she’d tell anyone thinking of applying, she replied, “Being the National Youth Advocate helped me learn more about diabetes and to meet people all throughout the country affected by it. If you want to make a difference and help others, this position is for you.”

Think you have what it takes? Visit Planet D to learn more!

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2 Responses to Are You the Next National Youth Advocate?

  1. Victoria Fortunato says:

    Although I do not have Diabetes like most people who enter this contest, I still care as much about it as they do. For the past 3 years I have been selling bracelets in November for Diabetes Awareness Month, and publicly speaking about Diabetes. In 2010, I raised over $3,000.00 in which I split between 3 different charities, including this one, JDRF and Nick Jonas’ Change For the Children, in which I had the honor of giving him the check myself. Not many people seem to care about Diabetes, or the risks that come with it, and the struggles people go through with everyday. Watching my father go through his life everyday dealing with Type 2 and seeing the struggles he faces makes me grateful to be aware, and makes me want to help spread awareness even more. I’d be honored to be the next national youth advocate.

  2. Cameron Walls says:

    I will be 14 when the Advocate happens. I have been diabetic for eleven years, since I was two years old. I strongly believe we should keep research going to find a cure for diabetes. I know insulin pumps and shots help out a lot, and I am blessed that they have invented them. But hafting to change my insulin pump every three days can be a hassle for the on the go teen. Hafting to take shots four times a day leaves welts and bruises. I rotate my insulin sites so I don’t reuse any spots because it’s painful. But I’m running out of spots with every site change. I was told with every other internal organ problems I was not a good candidate for a pancreatic transplant. My brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes alms a year before I was. Now 20 years old, he struggles with trying to find a job, go to school, and have a social life on top of his diabetes. Staying on top of our diabetes is hard to juggle while doing school work, homework, clubs, camps and many other every day to week to month to year things we do. I think that diabetes should be stopped!

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