ADA and MSN Team Up to Stop Diabetes

We can’t let the first week of American Diabetes Month close without sending a big “thank you” to MSN Health, which will be our partner throughout the month.

Through their first-ever Causes pageThis image is associated with an external link., MSN will dedicate diabetes-only content to the many millions who make up their audience, amplifying our message and pushing the disease to the forefront of today’s health conversation.

Check out the page each day for exclusive stories and photo galleries of celebrities living with diabetes, along with links to healthy recipes and tips from experts.

Unfortunately, every 17 seconds someone new is diagnosed with diabetes.  We thank MSN Health for realizing the gravity of this disease and helping us raise awareness.

Speaking of awareness, don’t forget to participate in the Association’s campaign this month!  Visit our Facebook page, where you can “Raise Your Hand to Stop Diabetes.”

Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, MSPH, PhD, RD
President, Health Care & Education

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One Response to ADA and MSN Team Up to Stop Diabetes

  1. Dani says:

    My daughter was diagnosed type 1 two days before her 8th birthday. She has shown me how to overcome lifes biggest challenges. No matter how bad of a day I had it will never compare to the challenges that face her everyday and for the rest of her life! She is my hero!

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