Honoring Diabetes Bloggers

We are excited today to recognize the diabetes bloggers community. Whether focused on type 1, type 2, diabetes research or community programs, these bloggers dedicate themselves to spreading the word about the disease and for that we thank them.

While we wish we could honor each person in the blogger community individually, check out how three bloggers, David Edelman of Diabetes Daily This image is associated with an external link., Manny Hernandez from the Diabetes Hands Foundation This image is associated with an external link., and Kelly Close from diaTribeThis image is associated with an external link., are using their voices to raise awareness about the fight to Stop Diabetes®.

From David: Too many people deal with diabetes in isolation. By standing up and engaging in the diabetes community – joining a forum, participating in a diabetes Facebook page or engaging on blogs, you can not only help yourself, but also help others. And together we can build a world where it’s a little easier for everyone to live with diabetes.

From Manny: Raise your hand to Stop Diabetes! Advocate for yourself and for the silent majority. One way to do it? Take The Big Blue Test – test your blood sugar, exercise, test again and share the resultsThis image is associated with an external link.. You help yourself and you help others.

From Kelly: Earlier this year we published a book titled Targeting A Cure: How Long Will We Have to Wait?This image is associated with an external link. We interviewed dozens of thought leaders, including many who have been leaders at the American Diabetes Association (such as former President Dr. Jay Skyler). Free to download until the end of 2011, the book features the latest information on the most promising approaches for stopping diabetes through a cure for type 1. These include immune therapeutics, islet and pancreas transplantation, beta cell regeneration agents, and the artificial pancreas. We also publish each month a free patient newsletter diaTribeThis image is associated with an external link., which provides timely information about new therapies, products and research that are aimed at stopping complications. We want to get the information out as soon as possible to patients so they can talk to their healthcare providers about whether any changes in management make sense … or just to make sure they know about better tools coming soon.

So, to all you diabetes bloggers – join the millions! Comment about your efforts below and become a part of our community on Facebook and Twitter.

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9 Responses to Honoring Diabetes Bloggers

  1. Lavoun says:

    I have been diagnosed as prediabetic. I have lost 20 lbs. and my numbers are much better. My husband suffered from diabetes(he was 67 and other health problems)for years and I seen what it done to him and all the things he had to go thru to try to keep his blood sugar in control. He was solely responsible for taking his tests, taking his insulin and what he ate. I tried to keep him on a diet but he was stubborn and eventually got to where he didn’t care. I wish there had been a cure at that time and he may have lived longer.

  2. Rhonda Bustin says:

    I am fairly new to this game. I was told I have type 2o’s diabetes a few months back. I knew it ran in my family, but just never thought it would affect me. How wrong I was. I have been extremely lucky and my doctor caught early. He put me on the pills twice a day. I educated myself of the do’s and don’ts. Of taking care of myself. I have been doing so well at keeping my sugar low, that my doctor said I do not have to test but 2-3you times a week !! I did not ask for this , but it sure was a wake up call.

  3. Congratulations to my husband, the British actor, Robin Ellis, for publishing the 200th blog on his site, Delicious Dishes for Diabetics. http://robin-ellis.net Robin is best known to most people as Captain Ross Poldark from the BBC classic series that was shown in America by Masterpiece Theatre. He and his co-star, Angharad Rees, were described as the sexiest couple on British TV in their day….Robin has not only come out as a Type 2 diabetic, but he managed to control his condition for 6 years by changing his diet and exercising a bit more. Now–almost 70–he takes a pill–and he still cooks lunch and dinner every day. He has just published his first cookbook for foodies who have Type 2 which is doing well in the UK and USA (already being reprinted and ranked well on Amazon). It takes courage and drive to do that at age 69. I hope he is an inspiration to many–especially men–to take their diabetes seriously–even if there are no obvious symptoms at first. Please look at his post about his mother, who had Type 1 diabetes: http://robin-ellis.net/2011/05/07/my-mother-and-diabetes/.

  4. kimberly Keyser says:

    So glad to see all the bloggers! Manny I follow you on Tudiabetes.com and I’m very thankful to get the support as my son has had a rough time with his diagnosis since age 16. So many things are going on with him rite now and just recently he was in DKA and told he is type 1 not 2. Its really been tough for him to deal with and trying to understand whats going on with his body with no insurance is just crazy. you almost have to fught to get any help and the ER isnt always the place that finally gives you and help. My son is only 21 now and recently married. Was in college but is on medical leave and praying he will be able to return in January. thanks again for all the support.. Hope to find a support group for John in Lynchburg soon so he can understand how to deal with his new norm in life. thanks Kimberly

  5. This is a great concept. People with a common problem working together to find a solution as well as to find a place where they can be understood. On behalf of all my patients, I raise my hand to all of you.

  6. bob says:

    My wife is an amazing lady. She has been through so much in her life.
    Dignosed with Diabetes in her teens she went to college and was sexually assulted
    in her dorm by a stranger. In her twenties she was rushed to the hospital with
    Peritonitis and had much of her intestines removed. She recovered and went on to
    become a clothing buyer for a major retailer and was later a certified Pilates trainer
    when I met her. She has been hospitalized multiple times since meeting her. Lossing
    vision in her left eye and suffering a stroke which she has recovered from. all caused
    by Diabetes. She is a truly amazing and strong woman who does not let Diabetes interfere
    with her life.

  7. Kelly Schneider says:

    I found out 6 years ago that I have type 2 my doctor DID NOT give me anything to read or how to take care of myself. I went to the library n bookstores n read everything I could I lost about 60 Lbs. n took really good care of myself. But, by the time I found out all the feel in my feet were gone I got neuropathy I don’t know how 2 spell it. I’ve had MAJOR PROBLEMS with my feet even though my A1c is 6.5 I’ve lost both big toes n it sucks I have got so much depression that I’ve had to put myself on more meds. n now I’ve stopped taken care of myself n I’m gonna start again because I really feel like crap!! So I’ve got to get back on track it’s hard but, I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!

  8. Ruechalle says:

    I was diagnosis as a type 2 Diabetic at the age of 30 the only reason I went to the doctor is bc I notice that my sight started failing and then I notice I was always sleepy.. I had to make my doctor test my A1c.. Bc by looking at me I look so in shape..When I got my results all I could think about is death…I cried for days and my doctor noticed I was very depressed…..the only thing that pick me up was my co-worker got diagnosis also ..So we have our own support group and I walk the stairs at work everyday and my A1C went from 9 to 7.9.. I’m still working extra hard to get my numbers down to a 6…. I’m young so if I control it now b4 I get older I will beat the odds..Failure is not a option ……..

  9. That rocks! Keep up the hard work.

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