New Year, New You?

People typically enter January with the best of intentions, often related to health and well-being. Whether it is to lose weight, to exercise more or to eat better, we all can use a little help keeping on track with our resolutions.

Fortunately, the American Diabetes Association has many programs, tools and other resources to help people achieve their goals for diabetes management and overall health—many of them free. Here are just a few ways you can ensure your New Year’s resolution remains intact all year long.

If your goal is to determine your risk for diabetes, try:

  • Risk Test: By completing this short and simple test online, you can take the first step toward assessing your risk for type 2 diabetes.

If your goal is to better manage your diabetes, try:

  • Diabetes 24/7: This application allows you to manage your diabetes and share valuable personal health information with your health care team. Keep track of your blood glucose levels, physical activity and medications and securely share that data with anyone you choose, such as your doctor, a family member or a school nurse.
  • Living with Type 2 Diabetes: Recently diagnosed with type 2? You probably have a lot of questions. Our free program shows you how to live well during your first year, with everything from stats to exercise ideas to info on medications—all in one place. Plus, it’s available in English and Spanish, online or by mail.

If your goal is to improve your diet or expand your healthy-meal repertoire, try:

  • MyFoodAdvisor: Recipes for Healthy Living®: This new online resource provides you with recipes, cooking tips and a meal plan each month. Tracking what you eat can help manage your diabetes and in turn prevent the onset of complications.
  • Check out our cookbooks: From comfort food to 30-minute meals to international fare, our selection of cookbooks offers something for every taste and skill level. And by purchasing our publications directly, you help fund our research, education and advocacy efforts!

What approach are you taking to your 2012 resolutions? How are you keeping yourself accountable?

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4 Responses to New Year, New You?

  1. Joan Paulson, MD says:

    This article provides some very good tips! Good job! I was wanting to take the opportunity to share an online CME I took on Monday for In-Hospital Hyponatremia. The link is and I earned 1.5 CME credits after completion. All physicians should take this course!

  2. Richard Waldron says:

    The USA has not seen the cure of any disease since 1956. The Diabetes Group is no different than the Cancer groups. They are not interested in curing Diabetes, they sell more drugs by controlling the disease. White rats and white mice are used in the testing of Diabetic drugs. White rats and white mice do not get diabetes unless the lab techs cause them to have diabetes. In order to test our latest inovations on these animals, they must be given the disease. If we know how to give dibetes to rats and mice, we know what causes the disease. If we know what carses the disease, we know how to cure the disease. The problem is that by curing diabetes or any other disease, the drug companies lose money. They don’t sell as many druge and nobody gives money to prevent a disease that has been cured. When Polio was cured in 1956, the Polio Foundation went bankrupt because nobody would donate funds for Polio research. Thus no disease has been cured since 1956. Follow the money and you will find the truth!

  3. Danika says:

    Love this. I love sites that provide information and passion and I see both here. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Jill Knapp but she is a diabetes advocate who lost 100 pounds since her diagnosis and is now helping other diabetes not be so scared or the diagnosis. I found her site a while ago and I am pre diabetes but have lost 15 pounds thus far. I have been inspired by all she is doing to spread the word about this horrible disease. Keep up the good work. her site is
    Maybe you could join forces.

  4. nanitonaMut says:

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

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