An Anniversary Worth Advocating For!

Today marks the second anniversary of a vital piece of legislation in the fight to Stop Diabetes®: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as the Affordable Care Act).

We’ve discussed the importance of this legislation for people with diabetes before, but we think it’s important to commemorate this day by hearing first-hand the impact health reform has had, and will have, on people living with diabetes.

Mercedes Lackey: “My husband is living with type 2 diabetes, and we are paying more than $2300 a month for health insurance. Although it costs a lot, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, at least we don’t have to worry month to month that our insurer will cancel us because of my husband’s diabetes. I hope that once all of the parts of the Affordable Care Act come into play, we will see our premiums finally decreasing—or be able to find something more affordable elsewhere.”



George HuntleyGeorge Huntley, Former Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association: “This is an anniversary to celebrate. For children, and extending to everyone in 2014, health reform has ended the ‘just because you have diabetes’ road block that many people faced when seeking health insurance options. The Affordable Care Act is essential in providing the care that everyone deserves. This issue is also personal to me, as someone who is living with type 1 diabetes, and I am proud of how we all worked together to help pass this successful reform.”


Brent Lewis and FamilyConnie and Dave Lewis, Parents of Brent: “Our son, Brent, is self-employed and has been uninsured for almost 20 years because he was unable to find a plan he could afford, or an insurance company that would be willing to provide him coverage, due to his type 1 diabetes. This left him having to pay out-of-pocket for all of his supplies and insulin, which has been financially devastating for him. But all that has changed because of the Affordable Care Act. He was just approved for coverage he can afford under the Texas Pre-existing Insurance Plan. This has changed his life, and ours, and we are so grateful.”


John AndersonJohn Anderson, MD, President-Elect, Medicine & Science, American Diabetes Association: “As a physician, I see first-hand how people living with diabetes need access to quality, affordable health care. Every week, I have patients making decisions about whether or not they can afford an office visit, or having to miss their routine care. Others struggle to afford their medications and supplies and frequently ration their supply of medications—or even go without taking them. The Affordable Care Act means that Americans no longer have to sacrifice their health and will have access to the care they need and deserve.”


The American Diabetes Association advocated for this legislation because it protects people living with, or at risk of developing, diabetes. Simply stated, a diagnosis of diabetes will no longer be a lawful reason to deny health care, ending the current system that allows such discrimination.

Want to learn more about health reform? Interested in understanding exactly what your rights, and coverage, will be? We know there are tons of questions out there about what all of this means. So, learn How Health Care Reform Is Helping People with Diabetes and read our Questions and Answers about Health Reform and Diabetes for more information on how the law will help people with and at-risk for diabetes. For more general information about the Affordable Care Act, visit image is associated with an external link..

And don’t forget, we couldn’t have done this without our Diabetes Advocates, who worked tirelessly. Join us in celebrating this anniversary by becoming a Diabetes Advocate!

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