National Volunteer Appreciation Week: Spotlight on Cincinnati

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we’re celebrating people in action to Stop Diabetes®. Here are Kevin and Maurice from Cincinnati!


Kevin Hackman is standing on the left

Kevin Hackman at camp, standing on the left.

My relationship with the American Diabetes Association, with diabetes camps and with diabetes itself goes back nearly 20 years.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12 and soon enrolled in my first summer at Camp Korelitz. I loved the independence it gave me, the friendships that I made. In high school and college, I served as a camp counselor. It was a great way to give back and offer other kids the same positive experience that I enjoyed. Now I work in sales and marketing for a nonprofit organization that runs unique camp programs for adults, school students and underserved youth.

Volunteering helps me stay connected to others with diabetes and give back to an organization that has done so much for me. And it’s not all about the camps—Tour de Cure has become one of my favorite ways to fundraise. Of course, my fellow campers and I have a team (“Ride-a-betes”!). Now in its third year, this team has grown to 16 members.

I was excited to join the Greater Cincinnati Community Leadership Board because I wanted to take my work with the Association to a new level. I enjoy having the higher degree of influence and working more closely with the local office. Maurice is one of the most hands-on leaders I’ve seen, and the staff is clearly focused and committed to delivering effective programs.

I want to do as much as I can to Stop Diabetes, not just one thing. I really appreciate that the Association turns to people with diabetes in the community for feedback and encourages our involvement. I hope to continue this relationship for many years to come.

Kevin Hackman
Volunteer and Member, Community Leadership Board
American Diabetes Association of Greater Cincinnati


Maurice Huey of Cincinnati

Maurice Huey

I came to the American Diabetes Association in February 2011, and it wasn’t long before I started hearing about this up-and-coming volunteer leader, Kevin. I couldn’t wait to meet him, as it was clear he had been a huge resource to our market for years.

Kevin sure did live up to his reputation. He’s enthusiastic, all about the Association’s mission and all about giving back. Whenever we’re talking about youth programs or Tour de Cure, his name inevitably comes up. He is also very highly thought of in our local business community and looked upon as leader in our area. It’s for these reasons that we recently invited Kevin to join our Community Leadership Board.

As someone with type 1 diabetes, Kevin offers a unique perspective that I really value. I always try to keep his personal experience—and those of the many people in Cincinnati like him—in mind when I go about my daily work. One of my biggest priorities as executive director has been to improve our youth and family engagement strategies, and we naturally turned to people like Kevin for ideas and feedback.

Kevin is one of the 1,000-plus volunteers we have working for us in the Cincinnati area. Many support special events such as Tour de Cure and Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, while others come to work in our office. We have a robust internship program; many of our interns are in the process of obtaining their MPH (masters of public health degree) or are otherwise interested in the field of diabetes.

I sincerely hope our volunteers enjoy these peeks behind the screen, so to speak—seeing what it takes to be the American Diabetes Association and conduct our critical work to Stop Diabetes. We surely couldn’t do it without them!

Maurice Huey
Executive Director
American Diabetes Association of Greater Cincinnati


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