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June 2012 Diabetes Forecast coverHot off the press!

As summer approaches, Diabetes Forecast, the monthly healthy living magazine from the American Diabetes Association, is getting a refreshing redesign. The June issue is all new, with a modern look and a sharp focus on diabetes.

We sat down with the new editorial director of Diabetes Forecast, Kelly Rawlings, to talk about what readers can look forward to in the redesigned magazine.

Why does Diabetes Forecast have a new look?

Magazine design, like diabetes management, sometimes needs updating. It’s OK to get comfortable in diabetes management habits that work, but things change—such as the fact that I need to do some specific blood glucose testing to see why my breakfast insulin dose isn’t quite covering my waffle and peanut butter. Diabetes is demanding (I’ve lived with type 1 for 38 years), and it requires us to stick to good health habits yet be flexible at the same time.

It can be invigorating to reach for something new, something different. Real breakthroughs come from taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, treatments, best practices and support from people who care. It’s in that spirit of change that we celebrate the new design of Diabetes Forecast.

What are some of the new elements?

You’ll first notice our new logo—and an amazing photo of one of our recipes. In fact, we had two mouth-watering photos of gigantic forks for the cover, so please visit our Facebook page to vote on which one you like best.

When we show people on the cover, they are real people living with and caring for diabetes—not models who have never pricked their fingers or counted carbs. You’ll also see easy-to-read type, extra tips and links to additional resources and colorful, appealing photos.

You’ll see all the great information about diabetes you’ve come to expect and a renewed focus on the actions that are part of living well with diabetes. Each issue will provide content that addresses important behaviors. The Your Food section addresses healthy eating and recipes. The Your Health section features articles about physical activity, medications, monitoring, problem-solving, coping and risk reduction.

Because diabetes is complex, the magazine provides clear explanations of complex diabetes science. As for support and encouragement, look to our stories of real-life inspiration from people who really understand what it means to live with diabetes.

What new monthly features do readers have to look forward to?  

I’m especially excited to announce new features that were suggested to us by readers. By the Plate will show a full meal with an easy main dish recipe and side dish suggestions. We’ll include complete nutritional information for everything, so people who are counting carbohydrates, calories and more will have the guesswork taken out of enjoying a satisfying meal. In Makeover Favorite, Food Editor Robyn Webb, MS, LN, reworks readers’ favorite comfort food recipes that are in need of a few health tweaks—such as banana bread and chicken casserole. Each issue we’ll provide a healthier, yet just as delicious, recipe to enjoy.

For caregivers (I like to refer to them as “type 3s” or “type Awesomes”), we have a special department that addresses things such as how to help your loved one with diabetes who isn’t following doctor’s orders, or how to be prepared to assist in case of a severe high or low blood glucose.

If I have to pick just one, my favorite new feature is our Reader Panel. It’s important that the content of Diabetes Forecast reflects the diversity of the millions of Americans who live with diabetes. To ensure we’re doing that, Diabetes Forecast created this panel made up of members who live, or provide care for a loved one, with diabetes. The panelists will provide support, review magazine content and serve as ambassadors to the diabetes community.

Kelly Rawlings, editor of Diabetes Forecast magazine.

Kelly Rawlings, PWD type 1, editorial director of Diabetes Forecast magazine.

How can readers reach you?

Diabetes Forecast is created for our readers and members. I appreciate hearing from people who have story ideas, questions and comments about our pages—or who simply want to talk about diabetes prevention, management and our work toward a cure.

Please take a moment to reach out and tell me what you think! E-mail me at forecasteditor@diabetes.org or send mail to Diabetes Forecast, 1701 N. Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311. I look forward to hearing from you.

For people who are new to the Diabetes Forecast magazine, can you provide an overview?

Diabetes Forecast is the go-to source for the nearly 26 million Americans who are living with diabetes. Each issue is an expression of the American Diabetes Association’s mission: to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve life for all people affected by diabetes. Backed by the Association’s science and evidenced-based recommendations, Diabetes Forecast provides readers with tips from the diabetes community and resources they need to better their health and their lives.

By providing hope and valuable information for people with diabetes, as well as reaching those who may be at risk for developing diabetes, Diabetes Forecast is helping Stop Diabetes®.

Diabetes Forecast is The Healthy Living Magazine for everyone. Click here for a glimpse of the new face of Forecast (subscribers can log in to read the print issue in full) or visit our website for access to all the new and exciting content.

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