Diabetes Forecast Guides You on the Latest Diabetes Tools

From blood glucose meters to insulin pumps to continuous glucose monitors, the number of diabetes products on the market can be overwhelming. Every January, Diabetes Forecast magazine tries to solve this challenge by publishing its annual Consumer Guide, a catalog of reliable information people with diabetes can use to choose the products that best meet their needs.

Save yourself the trouble of scrambling for information on what’s available and take a look at the magazine’s guide to diabetes management products:

Trend Spotting: Find out what’s new with diabetes products this year, including color and touch-screen blood glucose meters, smarter and friendlier devices and wireless connections. The article also features the wish list of one person with diabetes.

Health Apps: If you have diabetes, there’s a chance there’s an app (or several) for you. The magazine offers readers a list of 12 on-the-go diabetes tools for smartphones, in categories such as blood glucose, caregivers, fitness, kids, nutrition and well-being.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) and Insulin Pumps: CGMs and pumps can make a dynamic duo for diabetes management, but as useful as they are, they’re not for everyone. In this article, Diabetes Forecast talks to a pump and CGM user and his doctor for a look at the decision-making process while also offering a side-by-side comparison of available CGMs and pumps.

Blood Glucose Meters: This guide to almost every meter on the U.S. market lists information to help readers sort through important considerations such as cost, function, size, memory and accuracy.

Insulin Pens: A guide to insulin pens, both disposable and reusable, with important features and tips on pen needles.

Infusion Sets: Tips for keeping an insulin pump cannula or needle in place.

Aids for Insulin Users: A list of products that aim to make staying healthy easier for people with dexterity problems, vision problems or needle anxiety.

Glucose products: Sweet sources to help treat hypoglycemia, including gels, liquids, powders, bits and tablets.


If you’re searching for a new product to help you manage your diabetes, be sure to check out Diabetes Forecast’s 2013 Consumer Guide for its thorough review of all the options on the market today.

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