Celebrating People in Action to Stop Diabetes: Northern Arizona and Miami-Dade

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week and the American Diabetes Association is celebrating service for people touched by diabetes. We can’t accomplish our mission without volunteers, and one way we thank them is through our annual Stop Diabetes Community Awards. These 2012 winners demonstrate what volunteering for a great cause is all about!

Educating Arizona Law Enforcement about Diabetes Emergencies

The Association works hard to make sure people in police custody and correctional institutions have access to appropriate medical care.

In March 2012, the Northern Arizona Advocacy Committee contacted 67 law enforcement agencies and prison systems through personal visits, phone, email and mail to help educate the staff about diabetes-related emergencies. Committee members sought to distribute the Association’s “Treating Diabetes Emergencies: What Police Officers Need to Know” DVD and poster.

Due to these efforts, 23 agencies to date have requested the DVD and poster(s) for staff training and display in their common areas. The requests have come from some of the largest agencies and systems in Arizona, as well as from rural areas of the state.

The proactive nature of this program initiative is what makes it stand out as a success. Rather than reacting to an altercation or case of neglect related to a diabetes emergency, the committee is building a relationship of mutual respect with these agencies and systems out of regard for the safety of both their personnel and the public. Thank you for going above and beyond!

Interested in watching the training video? See here:


The Association’s Live Empowered! Task Force from Miami-Dade.

The Association’s Live Empowered! Task Force from Miami-Dade.

Living Empowered in Miami-Dade

In 2012 our Miami-Dade office sought to expand the reach of the Association’s Live Empowered! education program to the local African-American community. This program offers a a targeted approach to increasing the awareness of the seriousness of diabetes and emphasizing the importance of making good lifestyle choices such as moving more and eating healthier. In the Miami-Dade area, diabetes rates are highest among non-Hispanic blacks, with more than 14.1% affected by diabetes.

The vision was to grow the Live Empowered! program by recruiting key volunteers and forming a task force to help the Association enhance the program’s effectiveness. First, the Live Empowered! Task Force assisted in securing a pastor to endorse the program. Together they hosted the first Miami-Dade Pastor Reception. As a result, 25 new churches were signed to the Live Empowered! program, which originally only included 20 Church ID Days (a nationwide movement to Stop Diabetes® as part of American Diabetes Month in November).

These efforts have also attracted sustainable relationships with key organizations in Miami-Dade, such as Fresh Start and the Health Choice Network. Fresh Start CHWs  now use the Live Empowered! program as their primary diabetes education platform.

We’re grateful to these volunteers for spreading the word about diabetes to improve their community!

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