Thanksgiving Recipe Throwdown!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning a menu! What’s better than having your friends and family for dinner, while also treating them to some tasty and healthy side dishes? We invited four American Diabetes Association cookbook authors to compete in a Thanksgiving side dish recipe throwdown where you decide who will be the winner.

Which of these delicious recipes will you serve this holiday season? Click on each recipe title below to view the full recipe and let us know your favorite in the comments section!

Sage Stuffing from The Family Classics Cookbook
Robyn Webb
“At the American Diabetes Association we have your back… and your sides! At 3D Family ClassicsThanksgiving, sides often shine even brighter than the main course. Stuffing has always been a staple and this Sage Stuffing is full of herbs and studded with dried cherries. This version goes beyond the basic stuffing with deep rich flavors, so expect the accolades to roll in. All the ingredients are easy to find and most of them you probably have on hand right now.”



3D Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook with Nautilus sealHerb and Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes from Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook
Amy Riolo
“Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to cut out starchy foods completely. You can still enjoy them in the right portion sizes! This recipe for mashed potatoes skips the butter and cream and uses healthier ingredients to make a dish that is still tasty and full of flavor.”


Green Beans Romano from Mr. Food Test Kitchen’s Hello Taste, Goodbye Guilt!
Howard Rosenthal
“Thanksgiving would not be complete without a side of green beans, and this is my new favorite way to serve them. It’s a twist on green beans Amandine that calls for healthy 3D Mr Food HTGGolive oil instead of butter. What sets these apart is all the fresh garlic and sun-dried tomatoes that give this dish all its flavor. You still get that classic crunch of toasted almonds—plus, it cooks up in minutes. Nothing could be easier or tastier for a fast side during the busy holidays. This dish will have everyone saying, “Ooh, it’s so good!”



Sweet Potatoes with Crumb Topping from The Healthy Home Cookbook3D Healthy Home Barbara Seelig-Brown
“I have never been a fan of the marshmallow-topped or the syrupy and candied versions of sweet potato dishes. Those are all calorie laden, which made me want to create this recipe.”

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