I Love Somone with Diabetes: Holly Seaman

Diabetes affects the whole family, whether you’re a parent, sibling, child, grandchild or spouse. This week on the blog, we’ll be featuring stories about loving and caring for someone with diabetes.



Holly and her husband Eric

Name: Holly Seaman
Location: North Little Rock, Ark.

I love someone with type 1 diabetes! My husband Eric and I are both 25 years old. He is a physical therapist and I am a kindergarten teacher.

When I first met Eric, having diabetes was something he did not hide. I remember our first date: He pulled out his medical supplies to test his blood glucose before we ate. Of course, I had many questions for him, and that is where our diabetes journey began.

Three years later, he still answers questions for me. How does the insulin work? How much insulin do you need in certain situations? What are good meal choices? I often have him describe to me why he gives himself insulin at certain times.

There are many days that I worry about Eric and question God as to “Why him?” Diabetes scares me at times too. At the beginning of our relationship, I did not realize how much diabetes affected Eric—or should I say, his life. But he is such a strong person that one would never know his struggle, just by meeting him.

The biggest thing that I’ve learned being married to Eric is how to be supportive. I’ve learned to cook diabetes-friendly recipes that we both can enjoy. Fitness is very important in Eric’s life and supporting his desire to be fit—and support diabetes through fitness—is one way I can show that I care. I’ve learned how to encourage him through adventures such as the Tour de Cure® ride. Last year, Eric and two of his PT friends rode the 100 miles together while family and friends waited at the finish line. I am his biggest cheerleader!

I have found that many people are very caring. Our friends and family are always watching out for him, making sure he has things to eat and drink that will not raise his blood glucose—but they also always have things that will raise it, just in case of a low.

I have also found that people are curious about diabetes. Eric and I took our first beach trip together about a year after we started dating. While at the beach I picked up on the fact that many people noticed, and would stare, at his insulin pump attached to his lower back. Eric is never shy about telling his story and informing people. After all, having knowledge is our best resource.

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  1. Joe Robinson says:

    We must be all strong to control our diabetes. We must exercise and watch what we eat.

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