A Father-Daughter Team

Carly and Mitch Lennet

Carly and Mitch Lennet

Family members tend to have much in common. Hair and eye color, personal hobbies, favorite sports teams—the list goes on.

Mitch and Carly Lenett of Macungie, Pa., have an unusual similarity that only strengthens their father-daughter bond. They both live with type 1 diabetes—Mitch for 45 years and Carly for 6.

Carly’s diagnosis in May 2008, while at first a crushing blow, turned out to be the catalyst that turned her family into diabetes advocates. She and her father have made such an impact on their community, just by sharing their story and their passion.

The Lenetts became involved in their local American Diabetes Association office just last year, and they haven’t looked back! They raised $12,000 for the organization in their first year as volunteers. Carly, now 9 years old, serves as the Lehigh Valley Youth Ambassador, and she and her father have captivated audiences as keynote speakers for local Association events. Mitch also serves on both the Lehigh Valley (local) and Northern New Jersey (regional) executive boards.

This year, Mitch and Carly will once again participate side by side in the Association’s signature fundraising walk, Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, on Oct. 4. Mitch and Carly are Red Striders, walkers who live with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes. They are a reminder of why this walk exists, and why thousands of people nationwide take strides to Stop Diabetes®. So far they have raised more than $18,000 toward their $25,000 goal. Their team name, aptly, is Carly Rocks!

Carly and Kristy Kowal, swimming to Stop Diabetes!

Carly and Kristy Kowal, swimming to Stop Diabetes!

But the Lenett family wanted to raise even MORE for the Association, so Carly combines her love of swimming with fundraising. Swimming has long been one of the best tools in her diabetes management; the exercise lowers her blood glucose, and it’s also a lot of fun!

In the last two years, Carly has raised more than $20,000 in pledges just for swimming laps. In 2013, she swam 110 laps nonstop—more than 1.5 miles—with Olympic silver medalist Kristy Kowal by her side. And as part of her fundraising for Step Out, this past Saturday she took part in a 3-mile swim with Kowal, completing the distance in 1 hour, 33 minutes!

The Lenett family has a motto: “Life is tough, but we are tougher.” And that’s certainly true! We are proud to have Mitch and Carly on our team in the fight to Stop Diabetes®.

You can support Carly at http://diabetes.org/carlyrocks!

Will YOU walk with Mitch and Carly this fall? Sign up for your nearest Step Out walk today!

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