Holiday Meal Reveal!

You voted, then we got cooking! All month long, we have asked for the country’s help building the perfect holiday meal as part of our America Gets CookingSM to Stop Diabetes® campaign for American Diabetes Month.

You chose the ingredients for our special starter, a vegetable side dish, a whole grain/root vegetable accompaniment and something sweet and toasty featuring fall fruit or nuts. The winning recipes are unveiled in this cooking video! (Don’t worry, we’ve brought the turkey and the pumpkin pie!)

Click here to get all the recipes in this fabulous holiday meal!

meal reveal

We hope some of these yummy, good-for-you dishes will work their way onto your table this holiday season!

And November’s not over yet, so remember to check out what’s cooking at!

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3 Responses to Holiday Meal Reveal!

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  2. Mohamed says:

    Thank you very much for this information.

  3. Marcos Taquechel says:

    These recepies are so important. To eat right but at the same time still enjoy your foods

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