I Plan on Walking at #StepOutDiabetes Because…

Oct 5 2013-102

We recently asked our Facebook and Twitter communities why they walk in Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes—and the messages that came back are a constant reminder of why we all walk. Step Out takes place in 95 cities nationwide. With more than 100,000 walkers who are walking for so many, there are so many stories, and so many who have been touched by diabetes.

Below you’ll find some of our more inspiring responses:


FB responses to STepOut


For more information or to register for your local event, please visit diabetes.org/stepout. And remember to join the conversation on Twitter using #StepOutDiabetes!

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3 Responses to I Plan on Walking at #StepOutDiabetes Because…

  1. Amy DeVore says:


    I’m stepping out, like I have every year since my daughter was diagnosed in January 2003, she fought a valiant fight, unfortunately her little body just couldn’t any longer and she passed away October 13, 2014 due to complications from Type One Diabetes! It is and will forever be a fight I will continue for her!

    Spread the word, get the awareness out there! If it saves just one parent from having to plan a funeral for their child, then I feel it’s worth the FIGHT!!

    Thank you! We love you Courtney Rae DeVore and in your name we will FIGHT!

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  3. Robert says:

    great initiative! I hope it has an impact on more people.

    Congratulations and thank you!

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