Colgate Total Encourages the Diabetes Community to Keep Laughing

Understanding how challenging managing diabetes can sometimes be, the funny and talented performer Joey Fatone lead the “30 Days of Laughter” campaign to remind people that sometimes laughter can feel like the best medicine. “When my father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, our family was shocked. But we’re a big, loving group and we all help him together every day. I know that humor in the face of challenges is vital and I’m excited to share that with other families touched by diabetes.”

a1cAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with diabetes are two times more likely to develop gum disease. From Nov. 12 through Dec. 11, we joined forces with Colgate Total and shared LOL-worthy content across social channels including #30DaysofLOL videos, jokes, and apps to raise awareness about the potential link between diabetes and gum disease. Check out this close encounter with the one and only Joey Fatone!


Are you a sucker for selfies? So are we! mySugr aims to “make diabetes suck less.” They recently launched the Monster Selfie app to help create moments of laughter that are captured on camera and can be instantly shared with friends. Next time you snap a selfie, share the screen with a monster to show your support for friends with diabetes.

Managing diabetes can be extremely challenging, but as they say – laughter can be the best medicine. Using the hashtag #30DaysofLOL, we hope that you’ll LOL once or twice and maybe even create something of your own to share!

BFF meme#30DaysofLOL was all about sharing laughs, but diabetes and oral health are serious business. “Not many people with diabetes know about the increased risks of developing gum disease or how oral health may can affect overall health,” says said Dr. Foti Panagakos, global director of scientific affairs and research at Colgate-Palmolive. “‘30 Days of Laughter’ will help bring awareness and prevention to this community with a bit of healthy laughter along the way.”

It’s not only important to manage your health, but to do so with a smile. Please learn more about this issue, share the info with the people you love, and help them keep smiling.

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5 Responses to Colgate Total Encourages the Diabetes Community to Keep Laughing

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  3. This is very unfortunate that there is an increased incidence of gum disease patients with diabetes. This is adding to the list of other complications associated with diabetes, such as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Patients with diabetes should see their dentist regularly and if necessary see a periodontist.

  4. bella Normatov says:

    We see a fair amount of diabetes at our practice which manifests itself in many different cases of periodontal disease….It is very important to visit the dentist regularly if you are diabetic.
    Unfortunately many people are pre-diabetic and don’t know it….a blood test will reveal this very easily…Bella Normatov, DDS

  5. David Pinkhasov says:

    The Bronx has a huge incidence of diabetes. If you are diabetic it is important to see the dentist regularly due to the risk of periodontal disease.

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