Diagnosis, Education and Planning: Karrie’s Type 2 Diabetes Story

When Karrie was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2004, she was not only afraid, but also unsure of how her life was going to be affected despite having a family history of diabetes. She committed to learning more about the disease, finding a doctor and working with him to come up with an individualized diabetes management plan that would work for her.

However, she quickly learned that sticking to a treatment plan can be very challenging, especially when life gets busy. Work, family and daily responsibilities made it difficult for Karrie to stay motivated to keep track of the different aspects of her treatment plan like diet, exercise and taking the medicine her doctor prescribed.

While it’s been a difficult journey, Karrie refuses to give up, and she’s taking the next step with America’s Diabetes Challenge by facing her challenges head on. She’s learned that small tips like being consistent and forming healthy habits can help make things a little easier, and being proactive about her health has helped her stick to her plan and reach her goals.

Karrie is not alone dealing with this challenge—type 2 diabetes management isn’t always easy, and many people are looking for helpful ways to stay on track. Check out this video and visit AmericasDiabetesChallenge.com for tips to help people living with and affected by type 2 diabetes tackle their challenges.

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