Diabetes: Changing the Conversation, Reaping the Rewards

We’re proud to launch our new initiative, In It Together, in conjunction with John Hancock Life Insurance, to celebrate people living with type 2 diabetes and the actions they take to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

In It Together features a new podcast series, giving a voice to the stories of people living with type 2 diabetes—their challenges and complications, their breakthroughs and triumphs—to inspire and encourage others and bring a sense of urgency to the prevalence of this disease.

New episodes of the podcast will be posted here on the last Thursday of the month.

Pro football player and Team Tackle member Frostee Rucker shares his connection with type 2 diabetes, and encourages us all to support people who work to overcome challenges of this disease every day. Listen:

When he could no longer ignore his type 2 diagnosis, Shawn Lacey’s approach to life took a 180 degree turn as he wholeheartedly embraced a new, healthy lifestyle. He credits his successful turnaround to family, friends and colleagues–hear his story:

This holiday season, we’re sharing a story of family. Guadalupe Pacheco’s mother cared for him as a child—now, their roles are reversed, as he helps her manage her type 2 diabetes. Hear their story:

Derek Bell knew that type 2 diabetes ran in his family, but was still caught off-guard when he was diagnosed. Now, he and his wife, Anna, work together to manage the disease—for each other, and for their two sons. Learn how their family has come together to battle Derek’s diabetes:

This month, we’re sharing Robin Dorsey’s story. Robin watched multiple family members live with diabetes, then received her own diagnosis while pregnant with her son. However, she hasn’t let diabetes keep her from a healthy, full life. Hear how far she’s come—in her own words:

Our first podcast features Ina Mendoza-Wilson, a woman who’s committed to managing diabetes and living healthier—for herself and her family.

Ina offers a first-hand account of the important decisions she makes due to her diabetes and how diabetes self-management is the key to helping her take steps toward living a healthy lifestyle.

People living with type 2 diabetes encounter daily challenges—from managing medications, deciding what to eat and facing common misconceptions about the disease—and they don’t often talk about it. Through In It Together, we strive to change the conversation about people living with diabetes. Please join us!

John Hancock life insurance shares our goal of supporting people by changing the conversation about diabetes. To learn more about “In It Together” and John Hancock and its wellness-based life insurance program, John Hancock Vitality, visit http://www.diabetes.org/inittogether.

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