#DearDiabetes: Martha Clark

Dear Diabetes,

You moved in 42 years ago… unexpectedly, uninvited and unwelcome… like a high-maintenance relative who requires my constant attention.

At first they told me to be patient… that they knew how to get you to leave… a cure is close, they said… be patient, they said… it will be soon, they said. But you wouldn’t budge; you just had to have it your way. You took some getting used to, and I have learned to be patient.

Let’s face it, our relationship has been up and down… I’ve often resented you, tried to ignore you, resisted you and eventually embraced you. Somewhere along the way I accepted that you are here to stay. So, like many who are in lifelong relationships, I’ve chosen our song… one that captures the truth about our relationship… Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind.”

You come with me everywhere I go—intruding on my social life and limiting my flexibility. You’re Always on My Mind.

To be fair, you’ve taught me a lot… discipline, managing risks, empathy for others and patience with myself.

But seriously, feel free to leave anytime. Anytime. Really.

In the meantime, I will continue to thrive and will do what I can to help others do the same. That’s my sweet revenge!

Thinking of You Always,

Martha Clark, MBA
Interim Chief Executive Officer, American Diabetes Association

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One Response to #DearDiabetes: Martha Clark

  1. An Anti-valentine for my frienemy: I will never learn to love you. Several people in every generation of my family have departed this world because of some manifestation of you. You’re a bully; you’re tyrannical; you take up too much of my very small budget; you’re intrusive; you have often threatened my life; you have made it difficult for others to understand me, yet I have to live with you the best I can. I am told we will go down into the grave together but never,ever mistake that fact for anything resembling acceptance. One day one way or another I will get away from you. Mark me well, thief.

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