#DearDiabetes: William T. Cefalu

Dear Diabetes,

Thankfully, you and I have yet to meet in person. But, unfortunately, you have made yourself well known to many of my friends, colleagues and countless patients of mine whose lives you have changed. I have spent more than 35 years of my life trying to understand you and what makes you tick. I have tried to fully comprehend your motives, to anticipate your next move and I’ve attempted to prevent you from touching any other person. Despite what we are learning about you, you continue to be evasive, relentless and have no limits, but I will not give up! Your desire now to make yourself known to many more children and adolescents angers me, as I know what really lies ahead for this younger generation if you have your way!

While we haven’t personally met, I’m doing everything I can to ensure we don’t. I run four times a week and exercise daily, eat as healthy as possible and have regular check-ups. I have many devoted friends and together we have dedicated our lives to this fight against you! We are doing everything we can to limit your impact. Please know that we are keeping a very close on eye on you, and we are committed to this fight. Beware!

William T. Cefalu, MD
Chief Scientific, Medical & Mission Officer, American Diabetes Association

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