The Roadmap to Diabetes Research

Since 1952, the ADA has supported scientists and the life-saving research they conduct to ensure people with diabetes can live life to the fullest. Your support of scientists like the individuals below and the research they conduct helps ensure our vision of life free of diabetes and all its burdens will one day become a reality.

  • 2006: Dr. Mary Elizabeth Hartnett studies the role of a molecule which contributes to the loss of vision associated with diabetes. Therapies targeting this molecule are now used in the clinic and help prevent progression of vision loss in people with diabetes.
  • 2008: Dr. Vera Novak links changes in brain structure and memory to poorly controlled diabetes, showing that better glucose management can prevent the adverse effects in humans.
  • 2011: Dr. Robert Toto identifies new biomarkers helping to identify patients with or at risk for chronic kidney disease, enabling us to treat these patients more efficiently.
  • 2014: A landmark paper is published demonstrating significant reductions in diabetes complications including heart disease, stroke, amputation, kidney disease and hyperglycemic crisis.
  • 2018: Amaranth Diabetes Foundation supports Dr. Jenny Kanter and her research aimed at identifying new therapeutics to prevent diabetes related heart disease.


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  5. Berdj Rassam says:

    The importance of Dr. Kanter’s research aimed at preventing diabetes related heart disease cannot be understated. The damage to the heart is pervasive and starts a patient on a winding road of one significant health issue and complication after another. Good luck to Dr. Kanter and her team.

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